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Bedbug Registry

The Bedbug Registry is a free, public database of bedbug infestations.

Use it to check for bedbug reports before booking a hotel room or renting an apartment.

The Bedbug Registry exists to give travelers and renters a reliable and neutral platform for reporting their encounters with bedbugs. Though most Americans have still never encountered one, these retro pests are spreading extremely quickly across several American and Canadian cities.

Bed bugs are easy to transport in luggage and very hard to get rid of. For this reason they have become an especial nuisance for hotels, who are not eager to publicize their infestations. You can't tell whether a building or hotel room has them based on cleanliness - the bugs can thrive anywhere there are cracks and crevices to hide in.

Until a reliable, safe pesticide becomes available, avoiding bedbug encounters will be the only reliable way to ensure they don't spread into your own home.

Bedbug Alerts

Get an email whenever someone within a mile of you reports bedbugs.

Enter a street address or ZIP code below. You can set up multiple alerts, and you can cancel the alert any time.

If there are multiple reports, we'll bundle them together so you don't get more than one message a week.

Your email address will not be shared with anyone, sold, or used for any other purpose.