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Residential Pest Control Services

Perimeter Pest Protection Program

In today's world, our schedules are so demanding that we don't have time to worry about pests in and around our homes. But when that need arises, you can trust that Fillmore Pest and Termite Control will be able to answer any questions you may have.

There are three steps in our customized residential pest control plan:

1. Inspection

Fillmore Termite and Pest and Control, Inc. will perform a complete interior and exterior inspection of your home to identify existing pest problems, conditions conducive to pest infestation, and entry points for pests. Based on the results of this inspection, a customized treatment plan will be developed.

2. Treatment

Fillmore Termite and Pest and Control, Inc. will utilize the latest industry-standard pest management techniques, with an emphasis on environmentally-friendly, non-chemical control whenever possible. Pesticides are used only when necessary, and organic pesticides are used whenever possible.

3. Perimeter Protection Plan

In the great majority of cases, once any initial pest problems have been solved, ongoing pest management can be accomplished entirely from outside a home. We will return on a regular basis to provide an exterior Fillmore Termite and Pest and Control, Inc. treatment of your home to prevent pests from re-entering your home. You won't even have to be home, so your schedule remains your own. (If pests do return inside your home, however, then then we will schedule a returnvisit to correct the problem at no additional charge.)

What Does an Exterior Service Consist Of?

  • Fillmore Termite and Pest and Control, Inc. will do a walk-through inspection of your property and recommend any changes you may need to make to help prevent insects or rodents from becoming established.
  • We will remove cobwebs around all windows, doorways and eaves (lower level only).
  • We will apply liquid or granular insecticides only as needed to control pests.
  • For a small additional fee, we will also monitor for termites, and will let you know if you need a termite treatment.
  • All services will be provided on the exterior of your home.
  • If interior services are needed, we will schedule an additional service call at no additional charge and correct any additional service concerns you may have.Other Residential Services Available.

Fillmore Termite and Pest and Control, Inc. is a full-service pest control company.

Our full list of available services includes control of all of the following:

Pest Control